How Learning can drive Operational Outcomes

It’s never been easier to set and achieve goals for yourself and for your teams.

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How Learning can drive Operational Outcomes

It’s no secret that Learning in an organisation can accomplish the goals for both staff and organisation. As a manager, we all want to drive compliance, profitability, consistency of service and engagement in your teams. Learning should be driving your Operational outcomes.

It’s never been easier to set and achieve goals for yourself and for your teams. Learning that’s specific to Employee’s needs will help staff to understand what’s required. One way this can be achieved is by using quizzes and other Microlearning features, including healthy competition with leader boards and badges, which can help you get your message across quickly and efficiently giving you a lot more time to focus on other things. Not only that, using a learning app will make it easy for your employees to access important documents can ensure transparent business processes. Rapl uses quizzes and provides a rationale to explain wrong answers and tailor-makes its programs to any organisational needs that will benefit your staff so that outcomes are met.

Ease of access to learning will optimise performance – and also compliance. It’s time to move away from endless emails and streamline your Learning and making sure that open rates, and completion rates of learning are high so that you can increase the performance, efficiency and effectiveness of your team. This is key to making sure staff are competent and will lead to improving business operations so that you everyone has the best chance of hitting targets and maximising their potential. Rapl uses Push Notifications to significantly increase your completion rates.

Having processes to hand, or in the palm of your hand, and completing quizzes is a successful and proven way to achieve operational outcomes. With a Learning app, it is possible to track the efficiency of learning, how different groups are understanding processes and where there are gaps in understanding. For Ops teams, this a perfect way to hone the learning and ensure everyone is up to speed and making the right decisions with up-to-date information.

Such learning can improve retention and ensure staff have key knowledge to generate earnings quickly. Not only is e-learning great for compliance and standards, but it’s also perfect to enable your workforce to better their standards in your field and make sure that, for example, new employees can hit the ground running, making sure they are contributing to the organization and operational outcomes. Engaging your staff can lead to satisfaction and benefits the company – and its bottom line. In fact, teams who are highly engaged are proven to achieve 21% better profitability to an organisation

For Operations, using online learning in this way can help staff to become highly productive. Tailor-made learning develops the right people in the right areas. Tracking success makes it that much easier to understand where the gaps in knowledge are and how departments are reacting to different processes and what staff or each department is missing – from this, you can action it with a variety of learning methods to ensure everyone is working from the same playbook. Keeping good data to make informed decisions can truly enhance the bottom line and overall efficiency while also knowing the problems departments and Employees are having.

The analytics you garner from this can truly inform your decisions. Rapl uses both User and Group Performance features so that you can understand your team better. Seeing what’s really happening within your teams and knowledge gaps are insights you can’t fail to use. You can track this data and export to Excel, use for reports to analyse the numbers. There are many reasons objectives may not be achieved but from your strategy, you’ll be able to quickly discover what’s working within your organisation and fix it quickly, getting back on track to generating revenue.

Learning no longer needs to be the stuffy, bumpy, sit-at-a-desk and forget what you’ve just learnt as soon as you walk out the door. With technology features, gamifications, and ease of use, it’s now so much easier to understand the needs of your staff and to increase engagement and above all, knowledge. It’s what they need to better perform and generate income. Using Rapl as part of learning program will improve your business and a comprehensive learning program is reported to create 218% more income than organisations that do not

Inviting opinion is another important factor that goes a long way to enhancing current strategy. With Rapl, conducting polls on potential changes can help you make evidence-based decisions from real data. You’ll also be able to track how each department feels about a specific suggestion and prevent bottlenecks. It’s easy to collate the information and it’s not labour intensive and it all serves to drive operational outcomes by quick, and efficient ways.

Developing the workforce is an excellent way – and a cheap way – of developing talent and achieving objectives in a much more efficient way than finding someone new, learning them, onboarding them. It’s efficient. Easy access to real-time information can make life easier and that means you can focus on what’s important. Improving the working experience and create an efficient and purposeful staff who understand their roles and what to do. This learning will help you to identify, analyse, and drive better operational outcomes.

For a free consultation, go to or call (02) 8667 0783. Rapl will help your business with tailor-made services for your business that will increase productivity, efficiency, and improve your bottom line.

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