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RapL is the platform for bite-sized workplace learning. 

Reinforced & personalised.

Engaging. Easy to manage. Measurable.

Learning, reimagined.

Empower every employee to be your best
and accelerate business impact.

Why RapL?

Learning & development
that drives the bottom line

Engaging and convenient. Fast to implement and easy to manage. Proven performance.


Learning is customised to both your business and each learner with a focus on needs and knowledge gaps.


Learning can be simply managed to be ‘one-off’, a periodical refresher, or reinforced with repetition to ensure critical knowledge retention.


Monitor by region, department, with a comprehensive analytics dashboard.

Bite Sized

Deliver bite-sized learning nuggets that easy to consume.


Leaderboards and badges keep employees motivated and makes learning competitive and fun.


Hierarchy-based monitoring by region and ready for local language deployment.

82 Countries

Rapl learners around the world


Scenarios attempted every day across 18 languages


Mastered learning modules


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RapL supports all industries, competencies and skills

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Tool + Content + Execution Support

What is RapL?

Accessible and adaptable - RapL is the no.1 training solution for your frontline workforce.

Microlearning Tool

Gamified and personalised learning that is scalable for employees across the world. Get started in less than a day, across mobile and desktop.


Choose from thousands of ready-to-use scenarios from customer service to financial service or let our content team help you create what you need from scratch.

Ongoing Execution

We’ll assign you a single point of contact from our customer success team to help guide you through the process as seamlessly as possible.

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