Hospitality industry

RapL equips employees with what they need to excel.

Learn how Hospitality companies use RapL for:


Trusted by some of the world’s best teams


Happy customers, successful business

Keep your food and beverage teams up-to-date on menus, allergy advice and food hygiene with RapL’s bite-sized learning.

Service with a smile

RapL gives you the training tools to deliver customer excellence training to diverse workforces with different learning techniques. Our push notification solution delivers on-the-job reminders to your frontline teams.


RapL technology helps you build core competencies through regular training and reinforcement for your services, front desk, housekeeping, and other teams:


Aim for the highest standards

We know how important standards are in the hospitality industry. RapL helps you to set the bar high with regular reinforcement of hygiene and customer care standards.

We know that a high level of knowledge and expert sales skills are impossible to master in one-off, periodic training commonly found today in the auto industry.

RapL's model of personalized, mobile-first micro-learning with specific scenario-based learning empowers automotive sales people to master their role, while simultaneously improving sales outcomes and customer satisfaction.

Keep your customers and employees safe

Use RapL to teach new employees about your health and safety practices and use reinforced regular knowledge libraries to top up learning.