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Logistics industry

RapL equips employees with what they need to excel.

Learn how Logistics companies use RapL for:

logistics operations

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cargo handling & stowing

Keep your fleet running

We know how important regular training is for your fleet teams who are always on-the-go, time-pressured and working in a solo environment.

RapL gives your team the tools to keep up-to-date via push notifications for bite-sized learning in just 5 minutes a day.

RapL technology helps you build core competencies through regular training and reinforcement for your operations and support teams:

Keep your shelves stocked

RapL can train your inventory management employees in product knowledge, replenishment and picking and packing.

inventory management
logistics operations

Deliver on time, with confidence

RapL gives your logistics planners and leaders the right tools and training to feel confident on the job.

Training at the source

We know that new products and technologies hit the ground fast and we’re here to help you keep your procurement teams in the loop.

procurement screen
warehousing screen

Keep a roof over your head

Space management and warehousing require high levels of safety training and organisational effectiveness. RapL gives your teams regular, reinforced training when they need it most.