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RapL general information

RapL is the perfect complement to an existing LMS; fusing bite sized daily learning with gamification and personalisation to drive long term knowledge retention.

RapL is available as a mobile app (iOS/Android) and on the Web browser

Pricing model is per user per month based on annual contract and slabs of users

Yes, RapL offers optional content services to create engaging micro learning quizzes with illustrations and translations

Yes, RapL offers optional analytics and execution support

RapL can be deployed quickly across large & fast growing organizations within 2-6 weeks

RapL technology information

RapL is a B2B SaaS application (running on the Amazon cloud)

Yes, RapL is designed as an enterprise class application (with scale, security, performance and reliability)

APIs are available for integration with existing HR/ERP/LMS systems to automate user management

Reports and analytics are personalized for each manager on the browser and on the mobile

All tech support is included in the SaaS subscription (L2 support. L1 is done by customer or at extra cost by RapL support team)