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Dave A Senior Director, Quality Engineering, Infrastructure Solutions Group

RapL allows us to easily create custom learning modules by which we train and re-inforce learning for our people. Through RapL modules, we are able to present scenarios, teach what is the proper outcome, and explain why it's the right answer. Our people have done a great job mastering topics through RapL, that we would otherwise only hope our people understood.

Gulzar S AVP - Training

Ease of use by trainer & trainee. Uploading content is effortless and tracking completion is beneficial to managers. The dashboard details are excellent to drive performance. RapL has helped in gauging skill gaps, enabled distributed and synched learning. The gamified experience with points and leaderboards motivate the users to learn.

Kaushik C Manager, Learning & Development

The product is easy to use. The best features are the analytics and the science behind which the upskilling process is developed. The integration process was also very smooth. The team also ensured appropriate training of RapL to all the managers.

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Neha A Assistant Manager L&D

Microlearning/ byte size learning in this age and gen is important and RapL has helped our organisation's employees with the same. Brilliant customer support from the team and quick in resolving queries.

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Zareena W Manager (People Function)

Bite sized learning on a regular basis helps consistent learning. Great tool for learning and retention. Gamification keeps the user glued to it and creates healthy competition amongst team members to learn.

Joseph P Customer service lead - Training and Quality

Since joining RapL, we have been able to regularly push content to our agents and managers. This has enabled us to provide and rest real-time updates. The scores from RAPL are also aligned to agents incentives. We now hope to move to the next phase in L&D with RAPL as a dedicated partner! It's a very genuine application. The SPOCs are super supportive too and ready to help at all times.

Anonymous Administrator in Retail

The system is very easy to use for both the people creating content and for our end users. The RapL team are also very responsive and helpful which makes a huge difference to the experience. RapL give us the ability to roll out consistent training content across our decentralised business, to a front-line heavy workforce. It also allows us to create and upload our own training material easily.

Anonymous Administrator in Oil & Energy

RapL is a common medium to connect to frontline sales fraternity irrespective of language constraints. It drives learning through continuous engagement via daily quizzes/tests/materials.
A sense of community, achievement & recognition amongst the sales reps. RapL has helped with salesforce capability development through an engaging and motivating platform.

Anonymous Administrator in Retail

Rapl is one of the best e-learning solution for team. We have observed it is easy to make impact and gamification makes learning fun. Great transformation in product knowledge level. The platform highlights the learning GAPs, region wise, so that we can plan our course of action. It's been a great engagement platform for all the employees. It is also a performance indicator with a real time analysis dashboard.

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Anuradha U Training & Quality Leader : SnL

Ease of use and flexibility and customizability is great!

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Tilanjali G Head of Training

Capsuled information, hammered till it is mastered. Data centric knowledge gap analysis.

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