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RapL for the Automotive industry

RapL equips employees with what they need to excel.

Learn how Automotive companies use RapL for:

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Sales teams are your frontline

Sales teams are at the frontline with clients so it’s business critical to train them efficiently and effectively. RapL helps you ensure your employees are always up to speed on the latest sales techniques.

We know how important it is to get your new sales employees up-to-speed fast, RapL gives you access to rapid onboarding tools. And we don't just stop there, our technology continually builds on knowledge for your team including regular training on your latest product launches and vehicle models.

Technology is changing the world

Technology is changing the world at breakneck speed and the automotive sector is no different.


RapL technology helps you build core competencies through regular training and reinforcement for your sales teams:


Stay ahead of your competition

Use RapL to educate your team on brand strength and business USPs. Keep one step ahead with in-depth competitor training.

We know that a high level of knowledge and expert sales skills are impossible to master in one-off, periodic training commonly found today in the auto industry.

RapL's model of personalised, mobile-first micro-learning with specific scenario-based training empowers automotive sales people to master their role, while simultaneously improving sales outcomes and customer satisfaction.

Keep your employees

We know that new products and assortments hit stores fast and we’re here to help you keep your teams in the loop.

RapL helps your employees to comprehensively learn about new products and be able to confidently discuss them with customers.

product knowledge

Deliver customer excellence

RapL helps your frontline team learn about managing customer service queries and delivering customer excellence day in, day out. Ensuring the team rapidly gains new knowledge is central to the reputation of your business.

Toyota Motors


Toyota required frontline employee sales training on SOPs, product knowledge, processes and sales techniques.

RapL was deployed to around 300 sales executives across all Toyota dealerships in India. Sales staff in dealerships including training on product knowledge, competitive differentiators.

Real scenarios in each topic were launched to employees every day. Content was uploaded to the library as a reference to the topic, providing easy mobile access to process docs, tech specs and marketing documents.

Individual leaderboards with reward and recognition were launched to motivate the users and displayed monthly, quarterly rankings at local, regional and national levels.

Result: 99% employees activated their accounts, and 24% users completely mastered all the 4 topics assigned to them during a 6 week pilot phase.