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How adaptive learning can improve your business in real terms

A flipped learning approach is the idea that learning through real life scenarios brings better results. A pedagogical approach, it is about the learning taking place in a practical way. It doesn’t have an over-emphasis on the theory. Using Scenario-based learning and practical situations, learning can be flipped which increases learner engagement and makes the learning much more effective, and efficient.


Is your Organization ready to get virtual?

The advantages in training an organization can gain from virtual reality are many but what’s vital to remember when deciding on training is expense and increasing ROI.


5 Ways to Secure your Training Budget

ured. All managers and staff see the benefits of training but often for Management, devoting funds to training can seem a very indirect means of getting a return on investment.


A changing workforce: the future is hybrid, but what do we need to do?

he world has awakened to the idea. We’ve all dealt with the surprising problems that had never been considered until the pandemic, however, now with a co-located workforce working in both the home and office again, there are more avenues to consider and problems to solve.


Maximizing efficiency through an agile workforce

Maximizing efficiency through an agile workforce – how true capability of process and clear understanding of roles and accountabilities can help your organization.

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