Head of Customer Success Team

Job Description


Join RapL, a fast growing B2B SaaS company and become a key leader to grow the company. Our mission is to help companies elevate their workforce and accelerate growth.

We are looking for a passionate leader with a customer centric and proactive mindset to grow the business. RapL works with leading names across industries and has a global presence serving 100s of businesses and 100s of thousands of users. Leading successful teams, deploying and nurturing deployments impacts practically every employee in an organization and helps drive business growth.


As a Customer Success leader, you will work closely with our customers, leaders, founders, and customer success team to deploy RapL solutions. Delivering continued customer satisfaction and building a strong customer relationship are critical to maintaining and growing revenue.

This is also a growth opportunity to build the customer success team, define processes, and implement best practices. The opportunity involves working with leading international customers to adopt our state of the art mobile and cloud software platform and services.

Required Qualifications

  • 5+ years of experience in a Customer Success role, preferably in B2B SaaS or cloud software companies.
  • Experience in leading and building customer success teams in B2B software companies.
  • Exceptional customer empathy, project management, problem solving, and communication skills.
  • Experience in supporting adoption of technology or software in organizations.
  • Efficient operational skills to engage with many customers and manage escalations.
  • Expertise in proactive support, anticipation, and prevention of customer issues.

Additional Qualifications

  • Experience in generating compelling data insights (analytics and reports) for customers and RapL leaders.
  • Experience in managing customer requests, creating novel solutions, and exceeding expectations.
  • Ability to work closely with all stakeholders (engineering, marketing, sales, partners, customer reps, content team)
  • Building a team (Hiring and Mentoring team members) in a startup environment
  • B2B SaaS domain expertise (supporting SaaS applications)

Duties and Responsibilities

The following are some of the detailed responsibilities of individual CSM’s in the team. You may be required to handle them individually and as a team leader.

Onboarding new customers

  • Pre-launch – Plan, communicate, coordinate, configure, and execute launching RapL for new customers. Work with customers to ensure timely launch. Coordinate with the customers, technology team, content and training teams for timely delivery. Work with the customer to promote the launch internally and monitor the adoption. Gather the learning from launch to proactively fine tune and improve.
  • Content for new customers – Build a content plan with customers. Ensure that the content team is kept informed about the plan to build and deliver raplized microlearning content on time with quality.
  • Train the Trainers of customers – Ensure customers are trained on user management / content management and reporting as required.
  • Post-launch – Follow post-launch weekly plan to ensure activation and engagement levels are growing. Intervene and address problems proactively.

Proactive Customer Management

  • Ensure proactive followup during launch with a focus on content, day to day operations and reporting.
  • Billing and Payments – Ensure billing and payments are done on a timely basis as per service terms. Work with the accounting team and escalate as required.
  • Pre-empt concerns to management before they get raised by customers.
  • Management reporting – Set up monthly meetings with RapL/customer management.
  • Build relationships with senior management of current and prospective customers.
  • Prepare periodic customer update presentations and insightful reports.

Project management

  • Maintain status and updates necessary for management review.
  • Ensure all projects and documents are uploaded and shared to authorized users as required.
  • Develop relationships with customers, partners and suppliers – maintain a database of all contacts.
  • Assist others in the team to solve problems quickly.

Customer Service Champion

  • Ticket resolution and customer requests to be handled as per customer SLA.
  • Product feature updates / requests – Product feature updates / customer requests to be brought to tech team notice and either a resolution or solution is to be provided as per customer SLA
  • Understand customer needs proactively and bring to internal conversations.
  • Ensure customers know about the RapL roadmap and how they can benefit from upcoming features and products. Facilitate upsell and cross sell as applicable.
  • Champion customers internally across teams – Ensure all internal teams are motivated and aware of what is expected by the customer and to ensure delivery of the same – billing, content delivery, tech updates, etc.