Senior Product Manager

Job Description


You are invited to bring your strengths in product management for reimagining software driven training. Join RapL, a fast growing B2B software company. Our mission is to help companies elevate their workforce and accelerate business results. RapL has native iOS, Android and web applications serving 100s of thousands of users worldwide.


As a senior product manager, you will research, define a roadmap, design products, collaborate with the engineering team to develop and deliver the new products. 

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Use primary and secondary research, discuss with customers, sales and marketing teams to generate ideas for products to develop. 
  • Define a roadmap and refine with feedback from leadership and team members. Define priorities, identify requirements and develop designs. 
  • Write clear and detailed specifications (why and what), persuade others and collaborate with engineering and marketing teams to build and deliver the product. 
  • Define product marketing communications, demonstrations and user experience training content to assist in positioning and pre-sales. You will possess deep customer empathy and passion for solving problems. 
  • As a senior product owner, you will also understand the competitive landscape, analyze and position the product better. You will assist leadership and deliver analyses, reports, presentation and product marketing engagements. 
  • You will operate nimbly and work closely with the product as the first user to ensure user experience is at higher standards. Define KPIs and measure product success, learn from customer support and tune as needed. 
  • Continuously look for ways to do the work better and help others in the organization.

Required Qualifications

  • Product management or Analyst experience in a cross-functional fast growing environment, working closely with technical teams, including software development, engineering and testing to create and launch software products. 
  • 3+ years Hands on experience in writing user stories, refining product backlogs and coordinating/prioritizing conflicting requirements.
  • 3+ years Ability to thoroughly understand complex business and technical issues and influence decision making. 
  • 4+ years Well versed in agile methodologies and tools. 
  • 4+ years Consistent use of verbal and written communication skills to influence outcomes. 
  • Ability to balance multiple priorities, drive incremental delivery and meet deadlines. 
  • Prior programming experience, especially with enterprise mobile and web apps is a plus. 
  • Prior experience with data driven insights, AI, ML and NLP technologies is a plus. 
  • Prior experience in B2B software focused on HR, sales and training areas is a plus.
  • Bachelors or Masters degree in management and engineering is preferred.