Distributed workforce Does Not Mean Distributed Learning: Reinforcing The Nuts and Bolts of Delightfully Consistent Sales Experiences At a Global Automobile Giant



Sales excellence is a result of consistently following a set of carefully curated execution best practices. These practices are encoded after years of heuristical and quantitative analysis of monthly, quarterly, and annual sales reports. 

Now, these principles can be quickly forgotten if there are no reinforcement mechanisms in place. Using RapL, this global automobile manufacturer ensured that everybody in the dealership chains would apply these principles in exactly the same way, every day, thereby ensuring consistent customer experiences. 

And we know what consistency leads to – trust.

This is a story of how automakers powered their dealers to build trust with their customers. Day in and day out.


Many dealers spread across geographies meant divergent learning styles. Time was a luxury they did not have. Training content was diverse. Depending on the business unit and use case, the diverse backgrounds of the dealers didn’t make it any easier for them to train. And there was hardly any motivation to learn. Something had to be done to bridge knowledge gaps and also create a cultural change across. To achieve their goal, they needed a platform that could cross geographical boundaries, accommodate a large audience, and be personalized.



In collaboration with RapL, the automotive manufacturer brought its dispersed employees on a single platform. This platform enabled them to learn and grow. It also provided a viable training program for their existing workforce, as well as new recruits.


3000+ users onboarded


30+ topics deployed


450+ scenarios mastered

23500+ training hours spent on RapL

Better sales and customer interactions


Gamification-led competition


Availability of region-wise dashboards for managers


“RapL helped our employees retain essential product knowledge for our new Sedan & SUV launch, leading to confident and effective sales pitches in front of customers. With transparent monitoring dashboards in RapL, our trainers had access to learning data at the tip of their hands.”


Chief Operations Officer | Leading Automotive Manufacturer


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