Scenario-Based Learning: The Missing Ingredient In Customer Service Training

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This is a leading business process management company. It offers outsourcing services across various industries and job functions. Learning & Development had multiple tools to manage employee needs. None of them provided an integrated application that enabled on-the-go learning.


The traditional ERP tool, oriented towards desktop learning, restricts learning on the go

Managing various L&D needs, i.e., regular learning, assessments, feedback, and tests, required multiple tools

Data collection at different levels of hierarchy is a cumbersome process for analysis

The lack of real-time data to track engagement and progress gave managers zero visibility into the learning curve of their team

What did RapL do?

RapL’s mobile-first approach enabled users to access their requisite modules via mobile or the web. Employees were motivated to learn due to gamification and bite-sized learning. Team leaders can track their teams’ progress on the go. This results in increased participation and performance metrics for their teams. As a nudge mechanism, push notifications keep users informed about their assigned modules. RapL was implemented across two locations, covering 6 critical customer processes.

Using RapL, all learning and development needs were met through one platform. An employee’s entire learning journey can be mapped through RapL analytics. This is possible besides the other features available within RapL. A detailed analytics model helped identify knowledge gaps at an individual/team level. This reduced the effort to re-conduct refresher sessions. The Trends chart provides insights into the skill gap reduction and topics that require special attention. Learning became distributed and synched for all employees across the organization from different geographies. With RapL, the time it takes an L&D staff member (administrator) to design and track training has been reduced to a third of what it used to be. This wasn’t all. Learning showed a direct impact on the efficiency of employees.



Ease of use: by Trainer & Trainee. Uploading content is effortless. Tracking completion is beneficial, and Dashboard details are excellent to drive performance.


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