Rapid Learning To Help You Deal With Global Market Change

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A consulting organization that builds, sustains and recognizes high-trust, high-performance culture at workplaces. The cost to a company to train a new employee and keep them up-skilled is quite high. Especially if the churn rates are high, as there is no ROI or profit for the company. It becomes an expense. With RapL’s mobile-first, AI-based approach, it was able to train and up-skill its employees and deploy them without high wait time. This, in turn, reduced the company’s costs.


The workforce in the department consisted of individuals with less experience. This caused a high level of inter-departmental employee churn rate to limit the company. It needed a solution to up-skill its employees and deploy at the earliest.

What did we do?

RapL’s microlearning module allowed employees to learn and fill in the knowledge gaps. The AI-driven personalized learning solution identified the knowledge gaps for each employee. It would ensure they achieved mastery on the ones they were lagging behind in. Managers had visibility of the knowledge and skill levels of their team members. and could therefore make informed decisions.



RapL is a great microlearning platform for capsule-based learning. It helps users retain and remember the information longer. It targets the mastery of topics on which you daily get questions. The RapL app provides a fun, engaging and creative way of learning.


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