An e-Commerce story of Training, Retaining and Accelerating a Massive Seller Workforce

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A B2B trading platform that brings together manufacturers, traders, retailers and wholesalers on a single platform. A major chunk of their front-line workforce is on contract. Managers felt it was impossible to train this massive workforce on the wide range of products the e-commerce platform handles. Also, the sellers had no access to a platform where they could be trained and have a repository of information for their daily activities. With RapL, training could be done from anywhere at any time, within 5 minutes daily. A repository of reachable information was available for both sellers and the frontline workforce. It enables them to perform better.


The sole responsibility of training lies in the managers’ training of their front-line employees. Google forms were circulated to understand and assess the knowledge of the workers. However, this was extremely inefficient and yielded no fruitful results. It was crucial for the front-line workforce to be knowledgeable about the new product and service offerings. The lack of this would lead to inefficiency and unproductivity.

What did RapL do?

Sellers were onboarded on the platform and trained through a central repository of information. Ownership and accountability for driving and meeting the training needs of employees were put into place. Champions from the customer’s side were identified and deployed to ensure the use of the learning tool. The front-line workforce had a repository of information that enabled them to pitch to the customers. It was accessible and portable, which enabled them to be productive in their jobs.



The perfect tool for training the seller ecosystem for building capability at scale.




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