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Aditi Pandya

Scenario 1

Japan’s on-field performance at FIFA 2022 was nothing less than a spectacle. However, their off-field performance took the world by surprise. Irrespective of whether they won or lost, their respect for the space they occupied and their surroundings, was a lesson for the world. After every game, Japanese supporters cleaned up all the trash at the stadium as a mark of respect. 

These behaviors are taught very early on in Japanese society. School kids are taught to clean the classroom, serve meals, and encourage fellow students if they lag.

"Behavior instilled early on, reaps benefits lifelong. "

Image from Sportstar

Scenario 2

For its cross-functional capabilities, Flutter (UX tool) gained virality amongst developers soon after its release in 2017. Today, Flutter is built in most development environments. This shows how an intuitive tool gains popularity without being marketed.

Image from Flutter.dev

The two contrasting scenarios—one involving conscientious actions and the other centered around organic growth underscore the importance of “starting early”, whether it is instilling behaviors or learning a tool.

We are living in a world marked by the fleeting allure of virality. Today’s trend of endless scrolling and plethora of options is making us restless, anxious and in continuous FOMO. 

Thus it becomes crucial to distinguish between momentary trends and enduring practices that shape our lives. 

We are living in volatile times – reduced sense of stability, cultural changes at work, etc. Where we are constantly striving to look for ways to improve skills and remain relevant in the workforce. In this article I delve into the timeless virtues of early adoption and lifelong learning. 

A few core behaviors and skills that have lifelong payoffs are:

1. Build a culture of volunteering

During my college years, I volunteered in a few villages in Gujarat on matters of self and community hygiene. My classmates and I went to rural camps, where we would come up with musical skits (Bhavai) with a message at the end of each skit. We would write, direct, and execute the entire skit with minimum resources. 

Some of the things I learned during that time which helped me through the years are: 

  • Instilling a frugal mindset with an abundance of possibilities 
  • Getting the best out of each team member 
  • Being sincere and authentic with the task on hand 

"Volunteering, just like teaching, is a noble profession for taking the society forward. Now we see reels that are going viral. Back then the reels were real, raw, and relatable. "

2. Prioritize learning, not the pay

My early internships gave me a perspective that enabled me to succeed in my later corporate years. With a Human Resources degree, my path was carved to progress in the same field. I learned a lot about intrinsic behaviors of people, dynamics, motivations, growth, etc.

However, I have also worked with cross-functional teams including – the CEO’s office, Marketing, PR, and Sales. My early cross-functional stints helped me with the know-how of these departments and appreciating each department’s strengths translating to a strong company culture. 

During these stints, I would always feel like an intern. Learning new skills, and overcoming my shortcomings one by one.

Some of my takeaways were: 

  • Continuous learning and identifying new roles for myself  
  • Creating a surrounding which enables to improve, skills and behaviors
  • Remembering this is a process of patience and time
Prioritize learning, not the pay

3. Pursue a hobby

Hobbies bring out aspects of ourselves which we didn’t know existed. A hobby is also one of the quickest ways to bring meaning and perspective in everyday life.

Eg: When I started working on Geeksonfeet as a hobby, it was a problem I was solving for myself. Soon I realized this is a problem faced by the majority of runners. When creating running content, I generally ask myself if the content will remain relevant through the years. It also helped me discover the skills which I never knew existed in me, and connected me with like-minded people and made me humble.

Pursue a hobby

Some of the takeaways from having a hobby:

  • Makes one disciplined 
  • Pushes us to the corners of ourselves which we never knew existed. 
  • Meet like- minded people

In a world where trends flicker like sparks in the wind, the pursuit of enduring skills and behaviors emerges as a steady flame. 

Embarking on a journey of continuous growth, and a temperament of the life long learner, can withstand the test of time and leave an indelible mark on our personal and professional landscapes.

Leaders Voice Author - Aditi

Aditi Pandya

Analytics, consulting, and market research

Author Spotlight

Aditi Pandya boasts nearly two decades of industry expertise spanning large corporations, mid-sized enterprises, and startups, focusing on analytics, consulting, and market research. She has played a pivotal role in propelling early-stage ventures and scaling them from ground zero to over a thousand employees. Aditi collaborates closely with leadership teams to enhance team efficacy by understanding motivational factors, assessing competencies, and nurturing a thriving corporate culture. Her guiding principle revolves around fostering a joyful and nurturing workplace ambiance. 

Beyond this, Aditi dedicates her efforts to crafting communities, products, and Go-to-Market strategies. She co-founded Geeksonfeet, a vibrant running community, and hosts the podcast “The World of Running”. In her leisure, she maintains her status as a lifelong athlete, dedicating time to train for marathons.

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