Driving Hybrid Work Success – 4 Emerging Traps to Avoid

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Cris Popp starts the session with a short presentation :
“Four costly mistakes that could ruin hybrid work at your organisation” Followed by a general debate with the other panellists.

Topics Covered

  • What the past two years have taught us about the hybrid workplaces of the future.
  • Why hybrid is here to stay – and what that means for retention and productivity.
  • Tackling “hybrid hesitancy”.
  • Four simple fixes that will dramatically increase your chances of success.
  • How to maintain momentum of your hybrid workforce for the long-term.


60 mins


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Cris Popp

Coach | Speaker | Strategist

webinar speaker

Mikalie Nakos

Diversity and Inclusion Lead

webinar speaker

Rosanna Cotino

Founder at edgedVR

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