Elevating the next generation workforce with adaptive learning

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Organizations recognize the need for continuous reskilling and up-skilling of their workforce. The traditional approach of employee training, characterized by one time learning and assessment is clearly insufficient. Organizations need to re-imagine their employee learning programs to build digital competencies and mastery of critical topics.

Most enterprise customers are rethinking their approach to learning and development (L&D), particularly for frontline employees.

Topics Covered

  • What are the key requirements to train and develop a next gen workforce.
  • Specific methods and tools to make  learning effective and engaging.
  • The role technology can play in scaling personalized support for a distributed workforce.


60 mins


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Dr.C Jayakumar

Head Corporate HR, Larsen & Toubro India

webinar speaker

James Henderson

Co-Founder, The Lantern Australia

webinar speaker

Vijay GT

Head of IT & E-Commerce, Jaygee Group, Singapore

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