Five story rich conversations to build a performance culture

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This one-hour online session is designed for managers and leaders who want to build the capacity and performance of their team. We discuss the conversations leaders should be having and when they should be having them. We also look at the power of storytelling and its capacity to influence and engage. We will share frameworks and ideas that you can use immediately to enrich the performance and develop the conversations you are having.

At the end of this session, you will be able to

  • Build your confidence in having better performance conversations.
  • Understand the relationship between a conversation culture and performance.
  • Apply techniques in every interaction.


60 mins


webinar speaker

Meghan Ede

National Head of Human Resources

webinar speaker-Dr. Tim Baker

Dr. Tim Baker

Managing Director, WINNERS-at-WORK Pty Ltd

webinar speaker

Shawn Callahan

Founder and Director, Anecdote International

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