Manager's Essential Toolbox To Avoid Flex Work Failure


Now that returning to the workplace is setting in, the nitty-gritty issues that bring managers, and their hybrid teams unstuck are emerging:
1. How to avoid perceptions of unfairness between on-site and off-site staff?
2. How to keep performance hi and monitor progress?
3. How to balance the needs of individuals, your team and ‘jobs that need to be done’?
4. What’s the most effective way to communicate?

In short, how do you keep your people energise focused and productive – no matter where they’re located – without burning up all your time and energy.

The answer of course is to create a self-managing team.

In this one-hour seminar, followed by a 30-minute Q&A we deal with your real-world scenarios – lets of these and many other questions.

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90 mins


webinar speaker

Cris popp

Director, Hybrid Leadership Method

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