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What makes RapL a powerful corporate microlearning app


Microlearning provides bite-sized learning which makes the transfer of knowledge 17% more efficient than other methods. Perhaps this is why 8 out of 10 L&D professionals favor microlearning because there it is their learner’s number one choice.

At Rapl, we offer microlearning services to our clients. Our app simplifies problems faced by L&D professionals across verticals and makes learning more impactful and measurable. Rapl is committed towards helping its clients achieve their learning objectives in the most efficient manner possible.

Following are the reasons that make Rapl one of the most powerful corporate learning apps:

1. Bite-sized learning

Rapl app offers bite-sized learning features for learners. These powerful learning tools are present across all kinds of learning, be it product knowledge, sales techniques, customer service or job aids. Our content focuses on scenario-based snippets that are created by our qualified instructional designers. These are deployed in smaller chunks to learners which helps them learn faster, and keeps them hooked.

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People forget nearly 90% of what they have learnt within just 7 days, unless the concepts are reinforced. That’s why employees swamped with documents, presentations, and classroom sessions are not likely to learn much.

However, time constraints make it difficult to reinforce vast concepts.

What can you do instead? Arm your employees with one concept at a time. Studies show the human attention span is only 8.25 seconds, so keep your training concise.

RapL is your software for that.

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2. Retention focused

Rapl resolves issues related to low retention of knowledge by allowing for spaced repetition of key concepts over time. This makes learning much more effective. Critical information is delivered to learners on their mobile devices in engaging ways. This is also in accordance with the pace, interests, and convenience of each individual learner. It deploys refreshers from time to time post training in order to keep trainees aware of what they just learned.

3. Personalized for each learner

Rapl offers customized and blended training programs which allow employees to learn at their own pace and time. It creates personalized learning paths for each individual learner that puts them in the driver’s seat. This creates self-paced learning experiences that make the entire process more engaging and effective. Personalized solutions are adapted to the needs of each learner, giving them the ability to control the order and timeframe in which the courses get assigned and become visible.

4. Multilingual

Rapl understands that microlearning does not follow a one-size-fits-all approach. This is why it allows the scope for learners to choose to view material in the language of their choice. The same content is offered in multiple languages, thus breaking the language barrier for learners in various locations.

5. A rich knowledge base

Rapl offers a rich knowledge bank for learners to access at any time they want. This rich library includes reference materials that act as a ready reckoner on the job. Learners can look for specific just-in-time information whenever the need arises, thus gaining instant gratification. This knowledge base is updated regularly and relevant keywords can be used to find specified information.

6. Gamified learning

Rapl offers engaging and immersive learning experiences to employees through gamification tools. It makes regular course material fun by introducing notions of play every now and then. These tools instill curiosity and healthy competition among learners which motivates them to reach goals. Online learner rewards with points, badges, certificates, and point leaderboards help maintain a competitive spirit among learners.

7. Quick deployment

Rapl gives its clients quick deployment to its app. Companies can come on board and enjoy the benefits of microlearning in less than a day, across mobile devices and desktop.

8. Tracking progress

Rapl provides data and hierarchy based monitoring by variables such as region, area, territory and more. Such data can be analyzed through tools that rely on principles of predictive analytics and adaptive learning. Data gets collected on the basis of employee choices, performance, and preferences throughout a learning cycle. Such powerful data helps our clients learn about current trends and enables them to plan better for the future.

9. Execution support

Rapl offers a single point of contact from the customer success team. This acts as a training partner by supporting our clients with monitoring employees, highlighting issues, updating databases and creating monthly presentations for internal purposes.

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1. Speak to us if you want a microlearning strategy deep-dive: Microlearning is extremely effective, if approached sensibly. Microlearning is the answer to today’s shortening attention spans and we know how to make learning successful via microlearning. Drop your context here and we shall partner with you for the rest.

2. Lap up more content: We have written some intense literature on how microlearning is the superglue between people and successful business operations. Access all of it here.

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