Express Yourself : Introducing Reactions for Library Files

Introducing Reactions for Library Files

Every day, millions of learners engage with meticulously curated content on RapL. But we thought something was amiss – the need for an impactful, no-fuss method that allows our community to swiftly express their reactions on what they explore. So, we did what any team obsessed with enhancing user experience would do: rolled out the Emoji Reactions for Library Files!

Now, with emojis like 👍, 😍, 😃, ☹️, 👏, and 👎 at your fingertips, expressions are as easy as pie.

Stumbled upon a piece of content that really spoke to you? Tap the 😍 or 👏 to spread the positivity. Or, if something didn’t quite hit the mark, the 👎 conveys it for you. This feature isn’t just fun; it’s a direct line to telling us what works and what needs a tweak.

This rollout isn’t just for kicks. It’s designed to make the learning journey interactive and responsive. For employees, it means their voice is heard louder and clearer than ever.

And for RapL? It’s a treasure trove of insights, to help fine-tune our offerings so they better suit your tastes and learning goals.

So, what are you waiting for?
Head over to RapL, and let your reactions pave the way for the future of our content. Let’s make learning an expressive two-way street!

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