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Empowering learners with powerful insights has always been a recurring dream in the minds of RapL creators – we believe in continuous self learning, by the learner and for the learner. We really wanted our audience (be it blue collar employees or high ranking officials) to know exactly how far they have come in their learning journey – this makes them recognise knowledge gaps that are bridged and the ones that might be left unattended.

Sources also reported that while self-learning is important, well timed gamification is a key principle in driving adoption of any learning platform.

Nothing can motivate learners more than seeing a plethora of Points and Badges earned by them through hard work and dedication.

Banking on such crucial needs, RapL introduced Learner Insights on 2024 New Year’s eve. The feature, available in web, ios and android, aims to hand over essential analytics, to the learner himself – a bold move in the world of lapsed privacy and security.

We understand it is important for learners to see how far they’ve come and what lies ahead on their learning journey. Imagine having a personalized dashboard that not only gives you insights into your learning progress but also nudges you to complete content and motivates you to learn more. That’s precisely what the Learner Card does! Hence, Learning Paths. No more feeling left in the dark – with path progress visibility, learners can now navigate their learning journey with confidence and clarity.

Moreover, learning paths allow designing custom learner journey’s based on personalized roles and responsibilities.

It’s your very own gateway to understanding your learning journey and staying on the right path.

Ofcourse, this is just the beginning of our promise to unlock the learner’s potential via Insights. With deep insights and improved trends making their way into RapL, hold onto your learning hats because it is about to get brainy in there!

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