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Keep in mind these are non-exhaustive plans and subject to change. Plans are always clearer for the near future than far out. Features may not be available in all plans.

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Assignment Status - Completed At Column

Admins can view completion data of all assignments using new column Completed At.


Feedback - Import Questions

Admins can duplicate any number of questions from existing feedbacks.


3D Icons for Structure Groups, Roles, Files and Monitor summary

Admins can view 3D icons for all modules such as Library, Quiz, Test, Poll, Survey, and Assignment in different sections like Monitor Completion, Usage, and Summary and admin invite, assign to / individual of group/role.


Interactive Quiz - File's ShortCode

Admins can view file’s shortcode to differentiate between files with the same title.


Global Engagement: Multilingual Quiz Support

Web users using language filters can switch between multiple available languages of the Quiz content.


Sneak Peek - Email Template Preview

Admin can preview email templates before finalizing it.


Status-Based Filtering for Email Templates

Admin can filter email templates based on their status, offering options for both live and draft templates.


Efficient Email Template Duplication

Admin can replicate any email template using the 'Duplicate Template' option


User Engagement Reports Analysis

In the Admin section, under Report Download/Schedule, the User Engagement Report now provides current week engagement details.


Path's Sleek and Intuitive New UI Unveiled

The improved top interface helps users easily navigate and explore learning paths and their contents on web and web responsive view.


Dynamic Placement of Activation and Usage Cards (Android)

The Monitor for Android users dynamically positions activation and usage cards based on threshold values.


Party Poppers for Library Files, Polls, and Surveys (Android)

Android users can now celebrate with virtual party poppers when viewing files and completing polls or surveys, enhancing the joy and usability of their experience.


Polished Certificate Thumbnails (Android)

Android users can access an enhanced certificate thumbnail card view in the Learners app under Home, Topic & Test upon mastering topics and tests.


Max Attempt - Test Completion Export

The export reports for monitoring test content completion now include a new column labeled Max Attempt.


No Data Available - User’s Usage

The user is not included in the past 5-week trend, the metric in Monitor Usage User will display as No Data Available.


Invite via Onboard Users

Admins can invite users through the User Onboarding feature in the report import section, where users receive invite emails or SMS based on whether the invite column is blank, contains Yes, or No.


User Tab - Group and Role Assignments

Admins have the ability to see the users assigned to particular groups and roles.


Advanced Search - Library

Web users can explore the improvements in the library search function as Fuzzy search, Typo-tolerance search.


Fine Tune - Reset Filter Alert UI

Web users can explore the upgraded UI to reset filter alert by clicking the reset button.


Revised Library Sorting and Unified Library Filters

Android users have access to an enhanced sorting and consolidated library filters feature.


7-Day Engagement (Android & iOS)

Shift from 5-day rolling usage measurement to fixed 7-day weekly usage measurement for weekly tracking, with revamped monitor email notifications


Learner Insights (Android & iOS)

Learner Insights are available for Android and iOS learners to view their ongoing progress in RapL


Learner Insights

Insights are available for learners to view their ongoing progress in RapL


Clubbed Filters

Learners can now use clubbed view of filters in Library


Custom Invite Templates

RapL admins have the authority to customize Invite email templates


7-Day Engagement

Shift from 5-day rolling usage measurement to fixed 7-day weekly usage measurement for weekly tracking, with revamped monitor email notifications


Monitoring Tests

Effortlessly export test attempt summaries as admins


Intelligent User Role Detection

Seamless and efficient admin experience


Enhanced User Management

Admins can efficiently handle multiple users by utilizing the 'Bulk Delete & Restore' function


Immersive 3D Notifications

Users experience enhanced visual notifications with immersive in-app 3D notification icons


Learner Poll & Survey Rewards

Learners can now receive points for accessing Polls and Surveys


Learner File Rewards

Learners can now receive points for accessing files


Certificate Upgrades #3

Added certificate icon to Topics & Test cards


Troubleshoot Notifications (iOS)

Users can troubleshoot and run a test to get push notifications on iOS devices


More Activation Details

User's group Info added within Activation insights


Search within Topics

Ability for admins to search within topics for ease of content management


Survey Upgrades #5

Ability to define the position of survey questions


Improved Library Filters

Now utilize new Filters and Sorting of Library items


Updated Tooltip Icons

Admins can view newly update tooltip icon consistent across all modules


Enhanced UI #3

Users can view updated 3D images on various pages


User Deletion Details

Admins can view Deleted At details (date, time) of deleted users


Survey Upgrades #4

Use Likert Scale (5, 3 and 2 choices) questions in Surveys


Survey Upgrades #3

Adaptive (with / without labels) questions in Surveys


Survey Upgrades #2

Star-based, emoji-based and NPS type question added in Surveys


Custom Splash Screens

View custom splash screens during app launch


Certificate Upgrades #2

Now keep certificates attached to Topics, Tests and Paths while duplicating them


Troubleshoot Notifications (Android)

Users can troubleshoot and run a test to get push notifications on Android devices


Bulk Import for Deletion

Option to permanently delete users from platform


Enhanced UI #2

Newly-added gradient UI for mastered answers


Odiya Language Support

Odia is now among 23 supported languages


Troubleshoot Notifications (WEB)

Users can troubleshoot and run a test to get push notifications


Font Updates

All labels are given sentence-case font style

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ISO 27001:2013


ISO/IEC 27001:2013 is a security management standard that specifies security management best practices and comprehensive security controls following the ISO/IEC 27002 best practice guidance. The basis of this certification is the development and implementation of a rigorous security program, which includes the development and implementation of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) which defines how RapL perpetually manages security in a holistic, comprehensive manner. This widely-recognized international security standard specifies that RapL do the following:

  • We systematically evaluate our information security risks, taking into account the impact of threats and vulnerabilities.
  • We design and implement a comprehensive suite of information security  controls and other forms of risk management to address customer and architecture security risks.
  • We have an overarching management process to ensure that the information security controls meet our needs on an ongoing basis.

RapL has certification for compliance with ISO/IEC 27001:2013. These certifications are performed by independent third-party auditors. Our compliance with these internationally-recognized standards and code of practice is evidence of our commitment to information security at every level of our organization, and that the RapL security program is in accordance with industry leading best practices.



SOC 2 compliance is a set of standards that organizations use to ensure the security, confidentiality, and integrity of their systems and data. SOC 2 compliance is often required by organizations that process or store sensitive data. RapL has compliance with SOC2 Type II report.

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