An exhaustive 4 step microlearning strategy roadmap

microlearning strategy

Let’s start with a disclaimer that might disappoint you. Building a microlearning strategy requires more thought and planning than traditional training. Unlike traditional teaching methods, microlearning focuses on a particular learning outcome. Why do we say so? Classroom training is flexible. It can accommodate many meta-topics and blend them into one. After that, the material […]

What is Microlearning & why should you care?


Dear reader, now that you have stumbled upon this article by RapL Research Labs, we assume you have a semblance of microlearning or that the word caught your eye of interest. We assume you are here for knowledge and to build a case for microlearning at your workplace.  Before we get into microlearning, let’s see […]

Marginals Gains: A Fix For Your Growth Puzzle

Marginal gains

Business means growth, and growth is measured by increased profits and market share. Each company aims to achieve growth, and it achieves this through increased sales or cost reductions. In either case, the goal is to increase profits.  And this, at the deepest levels of abstraction, can be attributed to two scenarios. The first scenario […]

Microlearning myths that are still widely adopted

Microlearning myths

Microlearning has been the hottest buzzword in L&D circles since the last few years, and is not a breakthrough statement. A casual Google Trends lookup shows that curiosity around microlearning is steadily increasing over the last 5 years. Quite a few organizations have adopted the microlearning approach to train their employees. By providing bite-sized content […]

Is your Organization ready to get virtual?

The advantages in training an organization can gain from virtual reality are many but what’s vital to remember when deciding on training is expense and increasing ROI…

5 Ways to Secure your Training Budget

All managers and staff see the benefits of training but often for Management, devoting funds to training can seem a very indirect means of getting a return on…