What is Microlearning? Definition, Benefits and Use Cases

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Microlearning is often used in the corporate training world, but what does it actually mean? This article will explain what microlearning is and how it can be used to improve learning in the workplace. What is Microlearning? Microlearning is a term used to describe a learning method that delivers small, targeted bits of information or […]

8 Microlearning Best Practices For An Enhanced Learning Experience


Microlearning has gained traction over the last few years and is a hit among both employees and employers alike. COVID has brought significant changes in everyone’s lifestyle, and working from home is the new norm. Working hours are no longer the traditional 9am – 5pm. In fact, most of us work until our bosses stop […]

The Benefits of Microlearning: Small learns, Big wins

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Learn about how microlearning is the new way to learn and the most beneficial. It’s quick, concise and you can do it on your own time!  Microlearning is the new way to learn and it’s benefits are numerous. It’s a term first coined by Hector Correa in a book called ‘The Economics of Human Resources’ […]

The Complete Guide To Microlearning Apps & How They Are Disrupting Training


A 5-Minute Guide to the revolutionary microlearning app that is changing the learning curve! Microlearning is an emerging trend that is quickly gaining popularity. It is becoming a more viable solution to the problem of employees not having enough time to complete long, drawn-out training courses. A microlearning app can be a useful tool for […]

Microlearning Platforms: Helping You Drive Continuous Change


The business of a business is to bring change to the world. This adage was one of the key principles behind Daniel Kahneman’s inferences in his acclaimed ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’. And rightly so. If you step aside from the daily rigmaroles of your work and think about the real purpose of your job, it […]

Microlearning examples for a grounds-up understanding

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A primer on the many examples of microlearning Whether you know it or not, you are micro learning everyday. That Google search which led you here, or that Youtube ‘how-to’ recipe video you shared with your mother over the weekend are routine examples of Microlearning in action. Here are some common examples of pervasive microlearning […]

An exhaustive 4 step microlearning strategy roadmap

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Let’s start with a disclaimer that might disappoint you. Building a microlearning strategy requires more thought and planning than traditional training. Unlike traditional teaching methods, microlearning focuses on a particular learning outcome. Why do we say so? Classroom training is flexible. It can accommodate many meta-topics and blend them into one. After that, the material […]

What is Microlearning & why should you care?


Dear reader, now that you have stumbled upon this article by RapL Research Labs, we assume you have a semblance of microlearning or that the word caught your eye of interest. We assume you are here for knowledge and to build a case for microlearning at your workplace.  Before we get into microlearning, let’s see […]

Microlearning myths that are still widely adopted

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Microlearning has been the hottest buzzword in L&D circles since the last few years, and is not a breakthrough statement. A casual Google Trends lookup shows that curiosity around microlearning is steadily increasing over the last 5 years. Quite a few organizations have adopted the microlearning approach to train their employees. By providing bite-sized content […]