Reinventing L&D to Drive Business Performance

Elevate your Organisation's Performance and Future-Proof Your Workforce with A Culture of Continuous Learning and Development

🗓️ February 28th, 2022, Tuesday
🕒 04:00 PM (Sydney) |  01:00 PM (SG/MY/PH)​
09:00 AM (UAE)​ | 12:00 PM (Thailand)
🕒 04:00 PM (Sydney)   |   01:00 PM (SG/MY/PH)​  |  09:00 AM (UAE)​  |  12:00 PM (Thailand)

Why it’s Crucial to Build A Culture of Continuous Learning and Development?

In today’s fast-paced business environment, continuous learning and development is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. Organisations that prioritise ongoing training and skill-building among the workforce are more agile, more innovative, and better equipped to meet the challenges of the future.
Did you know that organisations with strong learning culture have 49% higher employee retention rate?

Creating a culture of continuous learning and development within an organisation can bring a multitude of benefits. According to a study, organisations with a strong learning culture have a 98% employee retention rate compared to a retention rate of only 49% for organisations with a weak learning culture. Additionally, study reveals that companies with a strong learning culture have a 29% higher productivity rate than those without.

As a leader or manager, you might be wondering:

How can you attract and retain top talent in your organisation?

How can you increase employee engagement and retention in your organisation?

How to keep up with the fast-paced business environment?

How to stop losing your best employees to competitors?

How to increase organisation performance and innovation?

In this webinar, we will be exploring all these aspects, and explore the benefits of building a culture of continuous learning and development as well as providing practical tips for implementing it within your organisation.
Are you ready to take your L&D strategy to the next level and drive business success?
Let’s dive in.
During this webinar, our expert speaker will cover topics such as:
Best practices in nurturing a continuous learning and development culture
How to effectively invest in continuous employee development
How best to use technology to support continuous learning
How to create a culture of continuous learning and development that supports organisational agility, innovation and gets business outcomes
Building a culture of continuous learning and development is essential for staying competitive and unlocking an organisation’s true potential.

By fostering a culture of learning, organisations can empower their employees to acquire new skills, adapt to changing circumstances, and drive innovation.

Whether you’re a learning and development professional, a manager, or a business leader, this webinar will provide you with the insights and strategies you need to build a culture of continuous learning and development within your organisation.

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Feroz Hayat Khan

Director, Blankskript Consultants


Feroz Hayat Khan is the Director and Lead Consultant for Blankskript Consultants. He started off his career as an engineer for Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB) – a public utility company for Sarawak, Malaysia. With more than 10 years of professional experience in SEB, Feroz has led more than 60 employees encompassing several main business functions including Customer Engagement, Loss Mitigation, and Administration & Finance. The team under his leadership succeeded in minimizing Sarawak Energy’s non-technical losses for Miri Region at 3.07% lower than the target percentage set by the company in financial year 2017, which equated additional cost-savings of approx. RM37 mil.

Feroz showed success in acquiring unrivalled expertise in the areas of competency development when he created his very own © Business-driven Competence Assurance framework which is being adopted organization-wide by SEB’s main subsidiary – Syarikat SESCO Berhad (SESCO). By using this framework, he has worked with the CEO, VPs, and Subject-Matter-Experts (SMEs) of SESCO to develop the competency model, elements and the corresponding descriptors for their major departments.

Feroz holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Malaysia Sarawak and a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Technology Malaysia, majoring in Electrical & Electronics. He is a Certified Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB) Trainer, and a Certified Digital Marketing Professional (DMI Ireland). He also holds a Certification in Coaching and Mentoring from the Institute of Leadership and Management, UK.


Bernie Kelly

Australian Transformation & Turnaround Association


Bernie is a skilled Business Transformation Leadership Capacity Builder, who works as a speaker and facilitator for leaders and leadership teams. He currently holds the position of Chair at the Australian Transformation and Turnaround Association. Bernie is passionate about supporting leaders who are navigating through this turbulent time and understands the impact they have on their organisations and society as a whole. He is also the author of Traction: The 4 Practices of Change-fit Leadership Teams and the upcoming book, Leading Disruption with Grace.
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