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Toyota Motors

Toyota required frontline employee sales training on SOPs, product knowledge, processes and sales techniques.

RapL was deployed to more than 250 Toyota dealerships in India. Sales staff in dealerships gets trained on product knowledge, competitive differentiators, processes and sales techniques all via RapL’s mobile application.

AI personalized microlessons with interactive documents were distributed to employees according to their learning progress. Leaderboards with reward and recognition was launched to motivate sales employees. It was then updated automatically with monthly and quarterly rankings displayed at local, regional and national levels.

As a result, RapL was successfully deployed to more than 3000 sales employees across 250 dealerships in India. The training has helped Toyota enhanced productivity of all sales employees without interfering their work hours.

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Technology is changing the world

Technology is changing the world at breakneck speed and the automotive sector is no different.

Stay ahead of your competition

Use RapL to educate your team on brand strength and business USPs. Keep one step ahead with in-depth competitor training.​

Keep your employees up-to-date

We know that new products and assortments hit stores fast and we’re here to help you keep your teams in the loop.

RapL helps your employees to comprehensively learn about new products and be able to confidently discuss them with customers.

Deliver customer excellence

RapL helps your frontline team learn about managing customer service queries and delivering customer excellence day in, day out. Ensuring the team rapidly gains new knowledge is central to the reputation of your business.

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